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PUR conservation creates efficient production procedures for PUR perfect binders

Best-for-PUR-Anlage am Klebebinder

We are the inventor of the Best for PUR preservation unit.

  • At least 4 x per week cleaning time becomes additional production time

Saving: € 12.000.- p.a.

  • At least 4 x longer lifespan of the valuable non-stick-coating

Saving: € 4.000.- p.a.

  • Saving up to 3 kg PUR adhesive waste daily

Saving: € 4.800.- p.a.

  • Reducing chemical cleansing agents by 80%

Saving: € 400.- p.a.

  • Free your employees from aggravating cleaning work

Saving: priceless

  • The Best for PUR preservation unit increases your corporate profit and protects the environment
  • Full flexibility for changes from PUR to EVA Hotmelt

Choose from two different versions to meet the individual space conditions in your bookbindery:

Best for PUR preservation unit with standard hood

Often, space is limited at the perfect binder.

Especially around the glue-trolley there might be little room due to circulating conveyor belts, walls or other machines. The standard hood needs barely more space than the pulled-out glue-trolley itself – the control cabinet may also be positioned further away. Let us know your situation – we are happy to advise.

PUR Konservierungsanlage - Schaltschrank
PUR Konservierungsanlage mit Standard Haube

Best for PUR preservation unit with XXL hood

PUR Konservierung mit XXL Haube

Your perfect binder offers enough space for efficient processes.

Our XXL hood guarantees maximum flexibility. Easy change of adhesives and straight forward PUR preservation – simply ideal.

Best for PUR Konservierungsanlage

For more details and information please download our leaflet in PDF format …

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