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Release agent for PUR adhesives

Protects and reactivates existing non-stick coatings

The release agent (suitable for both brush and spray application) forms a firmly sticking separating film thermally resistant of up to 275°C (527°F).
Economical application – optimum separating results.
High number of PUR adhesive separations per release agent application – no mould built up
No pollution of the PUR glue with release agent after polymerization time.
Prior to first application all parts have to be cleaned diligently. For initial use, apply thinly and evenly in three coatings.
Upon application of each coating it is important to follow the waiting time listed below, depending on the temperature of the parts. After curing of the third coat the PUR adhesive is ready for contact.

The following minimum reaction times have to be obeyed.

Part temperature: 20°C = 60 minutes polymerisation time
Part temperature: 35°C = 45 minutes polymerisation time
Part temperature: 50°C = 30 minutes polymerisation time
Part temperature: 80°C = 15 minutes polymerisation time
Part temperature: 100°C = 10 minutes polymerisation time

Parts coated with the described manner allow a large number of adhesive separations. Upon reduced separating effect, another single application to the warm part (so-called „touch-up“) is sufficient with subsequent polymerization time as stated above.

Material type: petroleum product N.A.G.
Application temperature: room temperature
Color: clear
Packaging unit: 1 liter can