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Separating agent ACMOScoat 82-9057



Separating agent for PUR and all other adhesives

Note: Please be aware I can not ship this product to outside of Germany. However, please feel free to contact me, so I can forward your request.

Separating agent (for brush and spray application) forms a bonded separating film with a heat resistance of up to 275 °C.

Economical to process – optimal separating results.

Large number of PUR adhesive separations per application of separating agent – no mould base.

No carryover of separating agent into the PUR adhesive after the polymerisation time.

Before first use, the parts must be carefully cleaned of all previous grease and separating agent residues. For first use, the separating agent is applied evenly to the part in 3 coats by brushing, spraying or using a clean, lint-free cloth.

After each coat is applied, the waiting period must be observed as stated below depending on the temperature of the part. Once the 3rd coat has hardened, contact with the PUR adhesive is allowed.

The following minimum reaction times must be observed:

Part temperature: 20°C = 60 minutes polymerisation time
Part temperature: 35°C = 45 minutes polymerisation time
Part temperature: 50°C = 30 minutes polymerisation time
Part temperature: 80°C = 15 minutes polymerisation time
Part temperature: 100°C = 10 minutes polymerisation time

The now coated parts can withstand a large number of PUR adhesive separations. The separation film can withstand temperatures of up to 275 °C. When the separating action starts to decline, all you need to do is to touch it up with one more coat of separating agent, again making sure to wait out the polymerisation time as stated above.

Material type:

Crude oil product N.A.G.

Application temperature:

Room temperature


Water clear

Packaging unit:

1 litre can