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Precision magnifier 10x Tech-Line with Duo-Scale in aluminium box





Measure, don’t guess

Note: Please be aware I can not ship this product to outside of Germany. However, please feel free to contact me, so I can forward your request.

"I've had my precision magnifier since I first started working, and cherish it to this day," say my friends Dierk, Stefan and Gerhard. All three of them are now enjoying their well-earned retirement. So you see, it is a true companion for life.

Do as my friends and many other professionals do: Trust in precision, and get yourself a "treasure" of your own.

Ideal for all flatness testing with a Duo-Scale magnifier. Ergonomic and immediately in the right position.Properties:
Embedded in its low-reflection black base, the incorporated high-quality lens provides a perfect, clear view every time. Equipped with an aplanatic lens system, the Fix-Focus stand magnifier fulfils the highest optical demands! The silicate glass lenses used here are not only scratch-resistant, but also shine for their very high sharpness and extremely high contrast image. Thanks to simple guided installation, you can insert a Duo-Scale easily into the transparent, shock-resistant base.

Präzision trifft TechnikPrecision meets technology
Sturdy, scratch-resistant glass discs serve as carriers for the high-quality, ultra-modern Tech-Line Duo-Scales. During the development, nothing has been left to chance! Applied purposefully on the underside of the glass discs, the scale made of hard chrome prevents parallax errors.
As the name suggests, a Duo-Scale has not only one, but two scales. The generally visible macro scale (25 mm) is repeated again as a microscale (2.5 mm) in the lower part of the scale. Encased in a black plastic ring, the scale floats over the object, thus preventing any scratching of the scale.

You can obtain this precision magnifier with Duo-Scale in a high-quality aluminium box from me.